2016: Archaeopteryx


Drivers: Conor Donohue, Christina Maffattone
Human Player: Jesse Wallace
Drive Coach: Mike Van Glahn Jr

FRC 5895’s freshman robot, Archaeopteryx, was built for the 2016 game “FIRST Stronghold”. With a ball intake inspired by team 973’s 2012 mechanism, Archaeopteryx can pick up balls from all three sides of the intake with ease. It’s 8 wheel drivetrain allows it to traverse the moat, ramparts, rock wall, and rough terrain obstacles.



  • 8-wheel drivetrain
    • (4) 6’’ Colson wheels
    • (4) 6’’ Pneumatic wheels
  • 2 custom gearboxes with 2 CIM Motors each

Ball Intake

  • Can self-center and intake gamepieces from all 3 sides
  • Powered by a custom gearbox with 1 Mini CIM Motor
  • Pneumatic linkage deploys intake outside frame perimeter
  • Orange polyurethane belts
  • Bevel gears allow a single gearbox to drive rollers at a 90 degree angle
2016-04-01 09.09.21

Flywheel Shooter

  • (4) 4’’ Colson wheels
  • (2) 775 Pro motors driving a 3:1 reduction via timing belts
  • (2) IR Sensors to determine wheel speed
  • (2) Pneumatic cylinders control the hood positions to up (for long-range shooting) and down (shooting while against the tower)

Sensors & Software

  • (3) IR Sensors
    • (2) on the shooter to determine wheel speed
    • (1) in the ball hopper to automatically stop intake
  • (2) Encoders
    • (1) on each drivetrain gearbox
  • (1) Wide angle camera used in conjunction with the green LED light rings to target reflective tape targets on the tower