Cygnus, 2018

Driveteam: Christina Maffattone, Catherine Phillips, Jesse Wallace, Matthew Mayger, Victor Capuzzo, Dustin BenedicT


  • 3 Mini CIM motors per gearbox maximize acceleration
  • 6” wheels provide substantial ground clearance
  • 14.6 FPS free speed for quick cycles
  • 27” x 32.5” frame maximizes robot stability with elevator raised
  • 18 tooth #25 chain sprockets for power transmission to all wheels


  • 1 ¼” bore single acting air cylinders provide 144 lbs of clamping force on powercubes
  • 20A rubber intake wheels for excellent grip
  • Intake is driven by (2) 775 pro motors with a 23:1 reduction on the outer arms and 14:1 reduction on the inner arms
  • Compliant intake wheels can grab or eject cubes at up to 23 FPS


  • Height of 54.38” in starting configuration
  • Height of 90.58” when fully extended
  • 2.4 ft/sec free speed
  • 7/64” Dyneema rope lifts the carriage
  • Pneumatically actuated brake automatically locks elevator in position to avoid backdriving and excess battery drain and motor wear
  • #35 chain attached to custom chain tensioner to drive elevator


  • Mounted to second stage of elevator
  • Attached to first stage of elevator with a zip-tie at the beginning of the match
  • Zip-tie breaks and climber is released when elevator goes up
  • Spring pulls up the hook, hits a soft stop, and stays at a 140° angle


  • Multiple autonomous modes from multiple starting positions
  • Two-stick arcade drive featuring eight buttons that control the claw and elevator
  • Elevator carriage controlled by trapezoidal motion profiles generated on Talon SRX motor controllers using “motion magic”.