About FRC

Peddie School Robotics participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), a global robotics competition in which teams have six weeks to design, fabricate, and code a 120+pound robot. FIRST’s magnitude and real-life applications allow Peddie students to gain practical skills in engineering, programming, and finance/marketing by emphasizing collaboration with peers and experienced adult mentors. By being involved in the design process, students are immersed in the FIRST robotics experience; the team strives to inspire its members to pursue careers in STEM.

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FIRST Infinite Recharge (2021 @ Home)

  • Team 5895 did not compete in "at home" events due to Covid-19

Class of 2021:
Ivy Cao, Northeastern University
Meghna Chityala, Carnegie Mellon University, Information Systems
Kaya Gorsline, Tufts University
Nathen Ho
Elizabeth Hu, Columbia University, Computer Science
Sophia Phelan, Johns Hopkins University
Vijay Shah, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Computer Science
Ming Chung Wong



FIRST Infinite Recharge

  • Team 5895 was 14-5-0 in official play in 2020
  • As a member of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic district, Team 5895 ranked 2nd of 131 teams with 64 ranking points.*
  • Ranked nth by "End of Season ELO" and nth by "Max Event OPR" of n teams globally.
  • Hatboro — District Event Winner

*Only 36 teams in FMA were able to compete before the season was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Class of 2020:
Daniel Fadely, New York University, International Relations
Orion Jusuf, Northwestern University, Biomedical Engineering
Ruedi Kasabach, Boston University, Finance
Will Kraft, UMass Amherst, Computer Science
Bryanna Mendez, Washington University in St. Louis, Marketing & Film and Media Studies
Sayli Sonsurkar, Emory University, Biology
Rebeca Vargas, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
Kishan Vyas, Davidson College, Computer Science and Economics
Chang Yan, Duke University, Philosophy and Applied Math
Lucy Yao, New York University, Business
Aiwa Zhang, Colby College, Mathematical Economics
John Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, EE/CS



FIRST Destination: Deep Space

  • Team 5895 was 27-18-0 in official play in 2019
  • As a member of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic district, Team 5895 ranked 25th of 128 teams with 138 ranking points.
  • Ranked 239th by "End of Season ELO" and 286th by "Max Event OPR" of 3801 teams globally.
  • Seneca — Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

Class of 2019:
Srinidhi Baile, Boston University, Political Science
Victor Cappuzzo, Virginia Tech, Mechanical Engineering
Helen Chu, Wellesly College, Chemistry
Sruthi Kocherlakota, Tufts University, Engineering
Akhil Kotamraju, New York University, Business
Winston Luchs, Lehigh University, ME/EE
Catherine Phillips, Harvey Mudd College, Math & Computer Science
Maya Sim, Johns Hopkins University, Biology
Emma Singh, Washington University in St. Louis, Government
Rohit Suresh, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Mechanical Engineering
Alan Wang, Columbia University, Mechanical Engineering
Nachuan (Jack) You, Georgia Tech, Mechanical Engineering



FIRST Power Up

  • Team 5895 was 25-17-0 in official play in 2018
  • As a member of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic district, Team 5895 ranked 25th of 125 teams with 139 ranking points.
  • Ranked 93rd by "End of Season ELO" and 448th by "Max Event OPR" of 3659 teams globally.
  • Seneca — Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi

Class of 2018:
Beatrice Casey, Bucknell University, Computer Science
Nick Gordon, New York University
Patin Inkaew, Stanford University
Briana Macedo, Princeton University
Christina Maffattone, Villanova University, Mechanical Engineering
Matt Mayger, Drexel University, Electrical Engineering
Pang Nganthavee, Princeton University
Vivian Sun, Johns Hopkins University, Biology
Jesse Wallace, Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering
Aimee Wiencek, Case Western Reserve University, Business



FIRST Steamworks

  • Team 5895 was 38-20-0 in official play in 2017
  • As a member of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic district, Team 5895 ranked 12th of 120 teams with 195 ranking points.
  • Ranked 103rd by "End of Season ELO" and 192nd by "Max Event OPR" of 3357 teams globally.
  • Seneca — District Event Winner
  • Seneca — Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

Class of 2017:
Tony Dang, Cornell University, Hotel Administration
Cameron Hochberg, Case Western Reserve University, Computer Science & Math
Julia Hu, University of Chicago
Gianna Madaio, Case Western Reserve University, Mechanical Engineering
Luis Martinez, Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering
Brian Sandker, Duke University
Masayuki Yanagiba, University of Pennsylvania
Joe Yuan, UC San Diego, Bioengineering



FIRST Stronghold

  • Team 5895 was 46-18-1 in official play in 2016
  • As a member of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic district, Team 5895 ranked 5th of 121 teams with 240 ranking points.
  • Ranked 68th by "End of Season ELO" and 85th by "Max Event OPR" of 3114 teams globally.
  • Bridgewater-Raritan — Rookie All-Star Award
  • Bridgewater-Raritan — Highest Rookie Seed
  • Montgomery — District Event Winner
  • Montgomery — Highest Rookie Seed
  • Montgomery — Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors
  • Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Championship — Highest Rookie Seed
  • FIRST World Championship — Carson Division — Subdivision Finalist
  • FIRST World Championship — Carson Division — Highest Rookie Seed
  • FIRST World Championship — Carson Division — Judges' Award

Class of 2016:
Matthew Browne, Virginia Tech
Conor Donohue, University of Michigan
Soo Jang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Taylor Keesling, Northwestern University
Stella Martindale, Whitman College
Matthew Prashker, Purdue University