Maya Sim

Maya Sim

About Me

I am a junior on the Java programming team and have been a programmer since last year.


Having had some exposure to programming with Java from middle school, I enrolled in the intermediate programming class my sophomore year; I joined the programming subteam that same year. There was challenges in learning how to program a robot, but it was very fun to work with other team members to figure out and solve each problem. I also enjoyed going to events and scouting to collect team data, so I decided to continue with robotics my junior year. This year, I hope to contribute more to the team as one of the few returning programming subteam members.


Outside of FRC, I am an International Student Organization (ISO) leader. I am also one of the co-presidents of an international volunteering group called BIKA, which provides mentoring to elementary students in poor regions of Korea. I am also preparing to work at a research laboratory during this summer in conjunction with Peddie’s Research Science Signature Program (EXP).