Day 19 – Saturday, 1/27/2018

Day 19 – Saturday, 1/27/2018

Day 19 - Saturday, 1/27/2018

Writer: Nikhil Aggarwal

Today, each subteam continued to work on their CAD and prototypes. The Wire Motor Controllers subteam finished wiring the motor controllers and soldered a part that broke during prototype testing. They also taught new kids how to wire, especially with fourteen-gauge and eighteen gauge wires.

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The intercarriage subteam figured out the ideal distance between the bearings on the carriage, which turned out to be 2.75” from the center of each bearing. The deburr subteam deburred and scotch-brited all of the milled parts. The Hat Pneumatics CAD subteam struggled with geometry and are now developing a new design. Another subteam worked on the elevator CAD so that the gusset will connect the second stage of the elevator and the chain that will take it up and down. Another subteam worked on milling parts for the drivetrain and assembling the drivetrain bumper standoffs. The elevator subteam fixed the elevator bearings, made gussets, fixed the elevator tension, and helped with the rope clamp. Overall, today was a successful day. All subteams will continue finalizing their CAD in the coming days.