Day 3 – Tuesday, 1/9/18

Day 3 – Tuesday, 1/9/18

Day 3 - Tuesday, 1/9/18

Writer : Daniel Fadely

January 9th was our first day of physical prototyping. Our team of 30+ members has been divided into several subteams that are all researching different types of intake systems. One of the subteams worked on two four-bar linkages that extend outside of the robot frame to grab cubes. They found that the system was slow and took up too much space in the robot; its development will not be continued. Another subteam that tested an intake mechanism that we used in 2016 to see if an updated version could be used for this year. This option proved to be impossible. The subteam working on a pinch claw tested wheel grips to see what wheels would be best for picking up the box. They also created some paper drawings of prototypes; however, because they spent a lot of time testing grips, they did not create the drawings today. There was also a small subteam that worked on a scoring mechanism. They created designs for an arm, as well as an elevator. Both were designed with the potential intakes in mind.